About ATI

ATI develops innovative medical devices for the ophthalmological market, which dramatically improve the patient’s experience during diagnostic procedures, while increasing their efficiency.  Founded in 2005 by a group of seasoned entrepreneurs in the field of ophthalmology and electro mechanical devices, ATI today employs an experienced multidisciplinary team with many groundbreaking innovations.


ATI’s flagship product, FIM (Field Induced Mydriasis) is the world’s first pupil dilation device. The device dramatically improves the examination experience, by achieving full dilation within 90-120 seconds and full recovery within minutes. FIM is a safe non-contact and drug-free device, which has been recently approved by the CE.

ATI is currently developing an innovative personal ocular tonometer, called NIT. This device will be used by the patients themselves to measure their intraocular pressure for early detection of Glaucoma.




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