Who can use the FIM product?

Any medical professional who has received formal training from an ATI official or a certified representative can use the FIM product.

When would I consider using FIM?

Any time pupil dilation is required for a medical procedure or examination enjoy the rapid onset and recovery time, when using the FIM product.

Do I need special equipment to use the FIM product?

The FIM product is easily integrated in commonly used Slit Lamps and can also be hand held during examination.


Do I need much training to be able to use the FIM product?

FIM is very easy to use! Following a brief demonstration by an ATI representative you will be able to use FIM as part of your regular examination procedures. ATIs support team and User Manual will provide any additional required information.

Does FIM require any patient preparation before us?

FIM requires no preparation or specific setup time. Have the patient place her/his head on the slit lamp chin rest similar to the regular procedure. The FIM is turned on, in less than 2 minutes pupil dilation is achieved and the examination continues.

When using the FIM product would patients experience any side effects?

Unlike eye drops, FIM has no side affects following the examination. Just minutes after the examination is concluded patients can proceed with their regular activities including driving, working etc.

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