System Components

FIMS’s main system components include:

Ocular Front-end Unit (OFE)

The OFE generates a safe electromagnetic field, which induces the pupil dilation. It is mounted on the slit lamp in front of the examined eye at a distance of approximately 12-15 millimeters and includes a hollow ring, which is aligned with the slit lamp’s microscope. Optional lenses can be inserted into the ring as common practice in regular doctors examinations.   Once installed, adjustments and alignments to the patient’s eyes can be conducted by moving the slit lamp (as in a regular procedure).

Generator Box Unit (GBU)

The Generator Box Unit holds the system software, LED signals and controls.The GBU generates all the required signals to be converted into electro magnetic fields at the OFE. GBU is easy to use with an on/ off switch and LED lights, providing feedback regarding the state of the device.
The GBU power is fed via a standard medical power supply adapter.

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