NIT (in development)

The Ocular Hypertension Challenge

Ocular hypertension is considered the most important risk factor for glaucoma. One of the main challenges is the ability to identify its symptoms in a timely manner. Today’s state-of-the-art device for measuring Intraocular pressure is a tonometer. The tonometer can be used by a professional only, as part of a comprehensive eye examination.  In many cases the measurement is not performed on time to prevent severe deterioration. To solve this problem, the examination must be easily accessible to patients, and consequently more frequent. 

NIT – Self Examination using an Automatic IOP Measurement Device

ATI is currently developing a device that will address this challenge. Called, NIT, the device offers fully automatic IOP measurements, enabling self-examination by the patients at the comfort of their home. Its constant availability and user-friendliness will dramatically increase the ability to identify abnormal IOP in a timely fashion, increasing the chances for effective preventive treatment.

The non-invasive IOP measurement is performed on a closed eye via the eyelid, making it easily accessible for use by a physician as well as by the patient at home. NIT utilizes image processing of a reference image imprinted on the inner side of the membrane, which is brought in contact with the eyelid and is shifted (deformed) from its curved state into its flattened state under the applied force. The flattened state of the membrane is indicative of the condition corresponding to that required for the IOP measurement.

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