How it Works

FIM is easily installed on any standard slit lamp. Its operation is seamlessly integrated with the standard ophthalmology examination procedure without the need for pre-examination preparations and waiting periods.

Procedure Description

  • The patient sits in front of the slit lamp, as in a regular procedure, placing his/her head within the slit lamp’s head rest.
  • The doctor adjusts the slit lamp microscope for the examination, as in a regular procedure.
  • The doctor turns the FIM on and waits up to two minutes, until the pupil is dilated.

The FIM’s OFE can be adjusted as required to maintain a distance of approximately 12-15 millimeters from the patient’s eye. The doctor proceeds with the regularly scheduled examination.


At the end of the procedure, the doctor simply turns FIM off, or can instruct the patient to remove the head from the slit lamp chin rest. The pupil recovers to normal condition within minutes without any side effects.


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